Spinnin Records Talent Pool

Spinnin' Records Talent Pool F.A.Q.

What is the Talent Pool?

The Talent Pool is a platform invented by Spinnin’ Records to solve the classic problem of sending your demo to a record label and ending in the huge pile of demos without any feedback. With 150+ demos sent to us on a daily basis, our A&R’s (the guys that sign new artists and tracks) found that it was impossible to listen to all of them and give feedback on the tracks that they like. So we thought about ways to solve this problem, since it is unfair to artists who put their blood, sweat & tears in their production they and we could just miss out on the next Afrojack. That’s when the idea of the Talent Pool App was born. By using the Talent Pool it is possible to give yourself a bit of a head start by having your social network vote on your track and get ranked up the chart. Add to that the functionality of commenting on your fellow producers’ tracks and the possibilities to get yourself noticed on the Talent Pool are evident.

Does the #1 automatically get a record deal?

No. The Talent Pool is NOT a Contest. Remember: People with the biggest online following are NOT necessarily the best producers. The talent Pool is an ever-evolving chart that enables you to influence your presence in the otherwise impregnable pile of demos. We listen to way beyond the top-50 and the decision to sign anything is ALWAYS based on the quality of the track. Even if it means not signing anyone from the Talent Pool for a long period of time.

Do you listen to the demos daily?

Yes. We listen to the demos on a daily basis and leave A&R feedback whenever we feel needed.

Can I remove a track from the Talent Pool?

Yes, most of the time you can. Just go to Twitter and tweet the ‘artist – title’ of your demo to @SpinninRecords using the hashtag #SPINTALENT. We will reply once the track has been deleted. Sometimes, we cannot remove a track due to the rules that apply to the Talent Pool App. Either way, we’ll always try to find a satisfactory solution for everyone.

What kind of release can I get?

This depends on the quality of the track. Besides Spinnin’ Records, we have a handful of sublabels, all representing a different genre and feel. So if a track meets the Spinnin’ Records standards, we’ll sign you on Spinnin’ Records. If your tracks meets a standard we feel suits another label, a release on a Spinnin’ sub-label is also possible.

I get a weird error using the Talent Pool. How come?

Try opening it in a different browser. That usually does the trick..

My track has no name. What’s up?

Did you fill out everything correctly on your Soundcloud upload? Make sure the track name, artist name, etc. are in the correct fields, as the Talent Pool App imports this info once you submit your Soundcloud link.

Aaaargh!! My Track votes are gone!! Is my life over now?

No. The votes apply on a periodic cycle. As the cycle runs, your votes collected on the beginning of the cycle are erased once a new cycle starts. This way the chart stays fresh and up to date.

Is the Talent Pool available in the App store?

No. For the moment the Talent Pool is browser based only. If there’s a demand we will release it as a mobile app.